Find your Castle!

A home is a castle to everyone. we know that.

One of the first things that those who move to Malaysia will worry about is finding the right house. A castle that the family can call its own. A quiet castle that one can call their own and sit down and soak in the relaxation.

Let us find the right castle for you.

You got other things to worry about.

Are you interested in a condominium overlooking the bustling city below? A view that will dazzle you with the neon lights… We will get your dazzling dream come true.

Are you the gardener wanting to putty around the hedges taking care of your hibiscus and roses? A person with a green thumb who loves caressing your fruit trees and tomato plants and getting your knees caked with mud… We will get that dream come true for you too!

An animal lover who loves to have house pets romp around in the backyard and watch birds fly around the flowers and bird feeders. MalVisa understands your passion and will find the right one for you.

In short, tell us what you want and we will hook you up with the home that you are wanting so bad.

Just a reminder though that he requirements for purchasing houses vary for the different regions in Malaysia. They can range from RM1,000,000 to RM2,000,000, depending on where you want to live. We are familiar with the housing requirements for the individual regions in Malaysia and will guide you through the purchase process.

Hey.. if you just want to rent a place and not worry about owning a place, MalVisa got that covered for you too!

So what are you waiting for? We are waiting eagerly, staring at the laptop screen, to make your wish come true. Drop us a line at or click on contact us so that we can start the ball rolling.

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